Anti Austerity Demo & No to Privatisation of the National Gallery.

Anti Austerity Sat

Celia, Michael C, Ceri & I were in town on  Saturday 6th June. We were advertising the National Demo which is on the 20th June. (Bath Students have organised a coach that is funded by UCU, Unison, Bath Trades Council (& the donations we will be making as individuals).Some great conversations & a few people now signed up to BAC’s ( for the 8th July Budget stroll through town). We were getting signatures for the opposition to The National Gallery’s plan to privatise nearly 400 of its 600 staff. The PCS have cited the Equality Act (2010) to challenge a policy that is clearly discriminatory. The Gallery have replied, stating they do not have to follow the Act. This is why such policies can be pushed through.  They’re fighting many battles, under the new management, one of them is against their long standing desire to remove all staff chairs. From this week, Visitor Engagement staff will no longer be allowed to sit down at the Information and Ticket desks, in order to ‘improve the visitor welcome’. Staff working for strike-breaking private security firm CIS are already forbidden from sitting while on duty. The Gallery has suspended a senior PCS rep, Candy Udwin, who was part of the union’s negotiating team at recent talks (with ACAS). Candy has been accused of ‘breaching commercial confidentially’  by draughting questions for the union’s full time negotiations office, to ask the Gallery about the cost of using CIS (the private company employed in response to the dispute). As the Gallery Staff put it, this is a taste of life under privatisation.

me & Stephanie

Great discussion with Stephanie.

Ceri in town

Ceri doing a grand job. Loads of discussions & great feedback, about the Anti Austerity Demo we were giving out information on.


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