Anti Austerity march Photos, June 20th 2015


March 22

We all gathered outside the Bank of England. It was an amazing sight. Seeing thousands of people gathering together, all there to say the same thing. Austerity isn’t working

March 18

March 2015

Michael C , BSACAF ‘s & John just waiting for the march to start..

March 16

This explains itself…

March 4

looking for answers!

March 14March 19March 20

March 11

I love this photo.

March 3

Bloody Peasants !

March 2015

UCU Bath & Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts leading the way. BSAFAC’s organised the coach that got us the & (eventually!) got us all home.

March 9

Barbara, Barbara’s Brother David & John.

March 2015

Celia cheering us on.

March 2

This one was one of the outstanding favourites of the day (across Social Media)

March 12

Class War & a fabulous banner.


This one is my favourite…


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