Disabled people, the ILF & the protest 24/06/15

Today, around 30 protesters –DPAC (Disabled people against the cuts) activists ( most of them in wheelchairs )went to The Chamber of Commerce to protest about the decision of this insensitive and heartless government to end the ILF (Independent Living Fund). They managed to get within yards of where David Cameron was responding to questions from MPs (PMQs). They were able to get into the Lobby, where the police met them and manhandled them. Chanting “save the ILF”, furious protesters demanded that the government reverse its decision to devolve responsibility for providing care to severely disabled people in England to local authorities. The Campaigners fear that councils will be unable to provide the same quality of care as that offered by the ILF, due to funding cuts. Although local authorities have a legal responsibility to provide care under the changes, most councils have admitted they will not ring-fence ILF resources. This has led to some disabled people fearing they will become prisoners in their own homes, unable to play an active part in local communities.

I have seen the footage shown on BBC (via Social Media) . (The BBC did show a 30 second piece of footage on the 6 O’clock news tonight.) The way people were treated today was absolutely disgraceful.

Benefit sanctions, fitness for work tests, workfare and the whole propaganda aimed at bullying people who claim disability benefits. The fact that these people resorted to this action today suggests that the voices of disabled people aren’t being heard.

Congratulations to all DPAC protesters today for giving the world evidence of how the UK, as a nation, treats them. Shame on the nation for allowing the government to get away with persecution of people with disabilities.

Channel 4 News
Police are accused of “heavy handed tactics” after blocking disabled protesters from entering the House of Commons chamber during Prime Minister’s Questions today.
The demonstrators, some in wheelchairs, were protesting against the government’s decision to scrap the independent living fund (ILF), which provides support for people to live in their communities rather than go into residential care.
Read more: http://bit.ly/1dgtzb0


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