Original call to action (that went out fb & Twitter)

*On Wednesday, the first Tory-majority government for eighteen years will announce its first budget. All the signs show that it will be everything we feared: massive cuts to essential social welfare coupled with tax cuts to benefit those with more weath – a budget that takes from the poor to pay the rich. We could expect nothing else from the Conservative Party, but the question is, how do we respond? National demonstrations are great, but we need to bring the opposition to Tory attacks on public services and welfare into our own cities, towns and villiages.

At 17:30 on Wednesday, after the budget is announced, we will be meeting outside Bath Tory Party HQ to make our voices heard and to demonstrate to our new Tory MP that he will not be met with resigned indifference in Bath for the choices he makes in the voting lobbies of Westminster. We will also be discussing how to move forward and where to focus our energies in what will be a very tough but crucial five years.

Without a significant and sustained opposition to the worst of the Tory government’s policies, the suffering of the most vulnerable in society will deepen and spread, and our welfare system and public services may be damaged beyond repair.

Please come along, get involved, show that there is such a thing as society, and we will not let it be cut, divided and sold to the highest bidder.*

The NHS, Education, Jobs, Welfare & public services will all be targeted.

It’s important that we stand up and say NO MORE!

Make placards, bring music, bring your voice.

We say:
NO to ‘austerity’
NO to the destruction of our public services
NO to cuts to social welfare
NO to more tax cuts for the rich
NO to the victimisation and marginalisation of migrants, disabled, poor and unemployed people.
YES to a fair, just, democratic and equal society.

Tory HQ 96A Sydney Mews, Bath BA2 4ED Bathwick (It’s behind the Church at the bottom of Bathwick Hill)

COME & JOIN US & invite your friends too.

* With thanks to Chris Roache


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