Campaigns in Bristol (Unite in the Community).

I’ve added a new blog on campaigns in Bristol. These campaigns are held by Unite in the Community Bristol. It would be good if we could lend our support, whether in person &/or signing petitions.

I will do some research on which services BANES plans to cut. I will let you know my findings. If anyone has information about the proposed cuts, let me know & i will add your findings. We can then organise ourselves, go out & make ourselves heard.

The fight against cuts from people with disabilities.

The fight against cuts from people with disabilities.

From Ron Stone (Bristol Labour Councellor) to Caroline

I am always happy to speak out against injustice even if it’s idiots in my own Party causing the problems! It occasionally makes me unpopular or a target, but I don’t care. After 30 years in the “Mad House” of the City and Avon County Councils I think I have seen it all?

Could I make two suggestions to your Group please. You need to build public support for retaining the Bush and it’s services to children and families with special needs. The next Council Meeting is not until September the 15th at6.00pm, so there is time to get a campaign aimed at that meeting in place. As you may know I am sure, you as individuals or a group can put in and speak to Statements or ask Questions to George Ferguson directly. I would encourage you all to do that.

Come with your banners and protest. Start an online E Petition to save the Bush from Cuts. 3,500 signatures gets you a Council Debate on it’s future. Those signatures can be Hard Copy or E Line and added together? We can get Press/Media coverage, you can speak via that directly to the 442,000 residents of this City, seek their support and raise public awareness and concern for your children.

Secondly I am suggesting a request formally from your Group to meet with the Labour Group to explain the issue to the largest single political group on the Council, ask directly for support, and stop the proposed changes. I know colleagues like Sue Milestone my Co Ward Councillor and  Gill Kirk for example are unhappy and there are more. We have to think about the Budget yes, but in that process vulnerable residents or children we always seek to protect. Your Group fits that bill?

I will put this issue on the Agenda initially to get our Group aware of your concerns. If you want to use this e mail address as the link to the Group please do so. I am fortunate my children and grand children are healthy and not in need of special support services, you certainly are. The City Council proudly claims that every child has the right to fully achieve. Laudable but singularly failing special needs groups often. Together we can beat this and ensure that statement becomes fact?????????????

Sorry for the missive, but hope it is some comfort and help to you all.

Best Wishes……………………………Ron Stone.   Bristol City Councillor St George West  Ward.


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