“Numbers should be a light, not a crutch”

Telling it as it is

This is the phrase that The UK Statistics Authority uses to guide its mathematicians:

“Numbers should be a light, not a crutch”

 On 25 Nov 2013 Ester Mcvey stated that “We would usually expect this (Mandatory Reconsideration) to take around 14 days

In the latest data provided by The Government claims that the average waiting time for an Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) has been reduced to an average of 13 calendar days

Most people would look at this and think well done DWP

A closer look paints an entirely different picture.

 The graph below shows that :

The waiting time for 52% was within 14days


This means that 48% waited longer than 14days


23% waited 15-30 days


25% waited over 30days.


Since October 2013 there were 177,000 MR requests




92,040 requests were cleared within…

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