Protest against threatened privatisation of children’s health services in Bristol

CCHP protest poster

Profit before patient care.

We went to Bristol to add our voices to the concerns about the NHS services in Bristol. We joined 38 Degrees Bristol, Protect our NHS Bristol, Unison SW & Unite in the Community (John, Pat & I are members of Unite Community Bristol ) on the Demo against the cuts & privatisation of the children’s (& others) services. We held a protest outside (and inside!) the offices of Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, who are set to decide whether to hand children’s health services in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to a private company. Among the final two bidders are Virgin Care, who already run a large number of NHS services behind the NHS logo.

The Bristol Journalists, than focussing on the fact that our NHS is being privatised the journalist, chose to focus on the behaviour of the protesters (with exaggerated claims of protesters having “forced” their way into the building and talk of “non peaceful” demo!bridemo) We didn’t force ourselves anywhere.


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