Manchester Anti Austerity/TU Bill Rally/Demo October 4th


Bath Against Cuts, UCU Bath & Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts went to Manchester to protest against Austerity & against The Trade Union Bill.

The right to strike is a fundamental human right and a hallmark of any free and democratic society. This government has consulted on three aspects of its proposals in the Trade Union Bill – union picketing, the use of agency workers during strikes and which public services should be subject to its new 40 per cent threshold. These proposals include the introduction of a minimum 50 per cent participation rate for industrial action ballots and the requirement for a 40 per cent ‘yes vote’ in ‘important public services’. Other measures include a requirement for 14 days’ notice for industrial action, the inclusion of additional wording on ballot papers, an obligation for unions to re-ballot members where industrial action lasts for more than 4 months, and the removal of the ban on the supply of agency staff to replace striking workers. The government is also proposing tighter restrictions on picketing activities, even though pickets are already amongst the most regulated individuals in the UK. This will create a serious imbalance of power between employers and working people.

Music added, as we were entertained as we started off. Marvin Gaye was played but not sure why!


John (& Michael). Just getting ready for the start. Music by Billy Bragg


Billy Bragg Never cross a picket line

2015-10-04 12.40.19 2015-10-04 12.27.22 6 4 3 2

Great blog on the Demo by Keith Flett


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