National Demo for Free Education

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Bath Against Cuts went with Bath Students Against Fees And Cuts & UCU Bath to the National demo for free education.

A big thank you to Unite Community Bristol Branch for the $ towards the coach.

On Wednesday, over ten thousand students marched through central London. The demonstration was called in opposition to the abolition of maintenance grants for the million poorest students, as well as mounting debt and increasing cuts.

Students also marched against the discrimination directed at international students, stopping outside the Home Office to make this point. Free education and living grants, funded by progressive taxation, was the ultimate demand of the demonstration. From beginning to end, the march was vibrant, loud and colourful and included many first time protesters.


One of my personal favourites from Wednesday.


Students from Brighton


UCU Bath out in force (& SP from Bristol)

We all marched through town & went past Parliament Square. We were then all forced into a kettle, by being made to walk down some narrow streets.
Once we reached the reached the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, we all stood around (with the Police on Horseback behind us & police surrounding the BIS). We stopped & were being told to leave (by Police Support officers). We could see there had been some altercation, as
Polystyrene & boards that had been smashed was all around the centre. We were being told that there was trouble brewing & that we should go. We didn’t leave for a while but slowly we were dispersed. I went up ahead to find out where everyone else was & we then walked away. As we left, riot police violently stormed the crowd. (We had been watching the Police (modern SPG) watching the Book Bloc for some time (the Police were to our left (& Book Block to our right)) The march ended with some very heavy handed & violent policing. (we saw this on a screen in the pub where we all met up). At least 18 protesters were violently arrested. It was very unnecessary for the aggressive response by the Police.
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Many thanks to all who went on the demo & to Steve Philbey for these photos.


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