Bath Against Cuts in 2015

First Tuesday of the Month 8 pm The Ram Widcombe.

Come to the meeting with campaign ideas & ideas to change what needs to be changed!

Wishing you all a happy & productive 2016


I’ve tried to get these photos in order of action but i may not have been totally accurate.  I’ve used some that you will have already seen but i’ve tried to put in ones that ended up on the cutting room floor!  I know there will be people who will say what i’ve missed out, so do remind me & i’ll  add them (& any photos you want me to add to the WordPress site, please send them to me. (via                     

BAC' s meeting, at the Ram, Widcombe 12th May. We had 35 people come to this meeting. (many new to BAC's) including BSAFAC's & Twerton's new Labour Councillor Joe Rayment .

Anyway, i would like to wish everyone a happy & productive 2016.

Students March for free education

Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts and their allies took once again to the streets of Bath for a Free Education march.

For their second action of 2015, Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts and their allies took once again to the streets of Bath for a Free Education march. The march set off from Bath Abbey, up the High Street, across George Street, down Milsom Street and ending at the benches near the bus station, where a rally was held. With over 100 students and supporters marching, chanting and banging drums, the demonstration was impossible to ignore. Not since the Occupy camp in 2011 has Bath seen so many active people campaigning for a better future, and Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts show no sign of giving up any time soon, with their numbers increasing with every action. A rally was held on the steps following the demonstration. Speakers included Dr Mike Carley from University of Bath UCU, Dominic Tristram, the Green Party candidate for Bath, Bruce Galliver, the Bath Spa Students' Union president, local guru Ray Raine and students from both Bath Spa University and University of Bath.

John, Barbara & I did a road trip. *Global Justice UK London Conference

Barbara & John

PONHS Hustings

STW Hustings

Celia & I went to see UKIP in Bradford on Avon

Barbara went to Brussels TTIP

Monica, Dave P & Dave L went to London for the Anti Trident rally

Michael C was going off to Brazil for nearly 3 Months


Bath Against Cuts, Bath STW, 38 Degrees Bath, BSAFAC’s and Bath Unite Community, joined together to demonstrate against & support people against the unfair (& cruel) DWP Benefit Sanctions.

BAC's went to London for the age Against Racism Demo. Bath Students against Fees & Cuts also came along. A great day.

BAC’s & BSAFAC’s went to London for the age Against Racism Demo.  A great day.

 *No Human is illegal


Bath Students Against Fees And Cuts.

There were two protests at the Uni Campus. They claimed a victory with the living wage campaign (*campaigns for fair pay are on going)

VC day1

Celia & I Bradford on Avon Railway Station handed out flyers to commuters about re nationalising the railways

Bath Stop the War had a ballot outside the Abbey. *In favour of Trident or not.

*great meeting at the Ram-incase you missed the end of the minutes.

The rest of the meeting was about Trident, The Labour Mug, IDS, Podemos & Dave rejoining Labour when they bring back Clause 4. Dave will also donate £1000 to them if they do. Laurel suggested that we perhaps should take a lead from Frankfurt (on our demo’s). ‘Police cars set alight in anti-austerity protest at new European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, officials say.’  We all agreed.

Pre Election Political Campaign

Stalls Save our NHS/TTIP at Green Park Station & at Bath University

1 1bac

Pre Election Political Campaign, up at Bath Uni. BAC's, Bath Trades Council, UCU & Protect our NHS BANES, went for a lunchtime, to get the Students to sign the Save our NHS petition. We gave them information about their NHS & what would happen if more privatisation was to go ahead. A good reception, even though the Lib Dems didn't want us to set up next to them!

Haysfield School David Cameron & the egg

David Camerson came to Bath

MC & the tory...

RMT StrikeRMT2

Peoples Assembly against Austerity Bristol.



March 11

March 3

March 10hands off 2The National Gallery (privatisation & Candy Udwin) & London Met Job cut

Protestivalprotestival sign*jess protestival...demo3

3bugTory HQ Budget Rally

Bath City buy out

Us in Green park

Bristol’s Children’s community health services

Pat & John

CCHP protest poster


1 BAC1

UCU hooligans

sports direct bathZero Hours Sports Direct

Swindon book fare

Swindon 1


Us BAC's1


Stand Up to Racism Bristol

Greek Solidarity Benefit gig


Junior Doctors rally Bristol

Junior doctor’s strike action. (called off the evening before)

Me & Kim...

PONHS 16th Oct Public meeting Ben Howlett


42015-10-04 12.27.22


Rally for free Education London



student ta...

Supporting the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


Scholarships For refugees


Climate Change Rally


Issues for Dec We didn’t have a room for our meeting… (it was funny though!)

17th December. The BANES Labour group  submitted a motion re the implantation of the TU Bill

BAC dec

Lots to do, so get yourselves along to the next meeting The Ram Widcombe 8pm (in a room!)

Bring issues to put on the agenda.

See you there



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